Update Regarding This Weekends Club Race

Update Regarding This Weekends Club Race

Attention TRAK/MIKA/VISITING Club Members;

In an attempt to keep everyone up to speed, the message below is an UPDATE regarding this weekend’s club race.

  • Yes, we currently have snow on the track, in our pit lane and throughout the paddock. It’s melting as we speak but slowly…
  • The forecast looks great for this weekend. +7 Friday, +10 Saturday, +12 Sunday.

The question isn’t IF the snow will melt it’s WHEN. Or more specifically; Will the snow be gone by Saturday morning?

The answer…. At this point, we have no idea (so calling us every 20min doesn’t help). That being said, we do appreciate you ALL want to know as soon as possible. So here is what we are going to do.

  • At 4pm tomorrow afternoon, we are going to send out a follow up email. The email is going to confirm one of the two WHAT IF scenario’s below:

Scenario 1: IF by 4pm tomorrow we see considerable improvement to the current track conditions which gives us the confidence that the snow will be gone by Saturday morning we will send out an email stating the race will run as originally scheduled.

Scenario 2: IF by 4pm tomorrow we still have doubts that the track will be ready for Saturday morning we will then send out an email stating that the race will take place SUNDAY morning (April, 22nd).

  • In other words, at this point we know we are racing this weekend we just don’t know if it will be Saturday or Sunday at this point.
  • Please note, we will do everything in our power to keep the race on Saturday as long as the track conditions allow for that.
  • If the race gets moved to Sunday, Saturday afternoon will turn into a FREE practice session for everyone who intends to race with us on Sunday (track conditions permitting).
  • PLEASE stop calling, texting, emailing until the 4pm email tomorrow. There are a lot of you!!!! When we know our plan, you will know by email.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Goodwood Kartways

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