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Intrepid Canada is a kart racing team based at Goodwood Kartways in Stouffville, Ontario, supporting drivers racing at Goodwood and across North America.

Team Facts: Goodwood Kartways is in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, where drivers can progress from turning rental kart laps to world championships. The Goodwood Kartways race team annually represents the facility at National and International Championships like the Florida Winter Tour, Eastern Canadian Karting Championship, Canadian National Championships and SKUSA SuperNationals.


It has also had drivers contest the Pan-American Rotax Max Challenge, the World Karting Association Manufacturer’s Cup, the Rotax European Championship, the Rotax International Open Championship and the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. Goodwood Kartways operates in conjunction with Intrepid S.r.l. in Verona, HRS Racing Engines, IMAF Racing Seats and Vega.

Scholarship 2015

Sheyla Basalic

Age: 11

Favourite driver: AYRTON SENNA


I was born into Bosnian family on April 6, 2003 in Newmarket Ontario. As a small girl with boundless energy I did many sports such as tennis, dance, ice skating and swimming, but I never felt as exited as I felt the first time I saw an ad for Go-karting at one of the auto shows. Just thinking about speed gave me butterflies in my stomach. I am now addicted to Go-karting and every day brings me closer to my dream of becoming a Formula 1 Champion. I like racing because of the speed and competitive nature.

On my first season at Goodwood, my father didn’t have enough time to take me there but I managed to get on podium. That was my favourite medal although I later won many medals in the Youth division. This past year when I was 10, and turning 11 I started racing in Teen division, where I have been on podium eight times. I had 4 firsts, and four seconds and finished second overall in the TEEN Sunday Division. Because of my competitive nature and love for speed I know I am living a dream behind the wheel.

Austin Birtles

Age: 14

Favourite Driver:  Ken Block

In 2013 a friend invited me to watch a race. The sights and sounds of the track were something that I had never experienced, and from that day on I knew I wanted to race. I had two successful years in the CRKC and have decided to take it to the next level.  When I’m is not racing, I am curling, skiing, SCUBA diving and playing baseball. I am looking forward to one day racing at the National level.

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Kyle Litherland

Age: 18

Favourite Driver: Jenson Button


I am a competitive driver who is not afraid to go for the gaps! I have been a racing fan and car enthusiast since I was a toddler when my Dad took me to the Le Mans races at Mosport in my stroller. My goal is to always be the best and not settle for anything less. Other interests include automotive photography, attending car meets around the GTA, and anything else that is related to cars!


Logan Ploder

Age: 12

Favourite Driver: There’s two!

My love of racing began as a baby watching NASCAR. I eat, sleep and breathe racing. At 8 years old I started Karting at Goodwood. Two years ago I finished 3rd in the Sunday Race Group, and in 2014 I became the CRKC Overall Champion.  I follow NASCAR, F-1 and Indycar and my favourite drivers are Jimmie Johnson and James Hinchcliffe. When I’m not at school or at the track with team FMR, I study my own racing videos plus other kinds of car racing to perfect my skills.  As member of the Intrepid Canada Team and FMR I am taking the next step toward my dream of being a professional race car driver.

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Myles Morgan

Age: 11

Favorite Driver: Several


I’ve been interested in racing professionally since I was 4 and began my career at Goodwood in the CRKC Arrive & Drive Program at the age of 8. I just finished my third season racing in 2014 with a third place finish in the Sunday Schedule and am looking forward to developing my skills further racing in TRAK against some of the best drivers in Ontario as a member of the Intrepid Canada Team and Team FMR. I have created a racing team — FMR — to help kids like myself promote themselves and find sponsors. In my spare time, I play the drums and study Tae Kwon Do. I don’t have a favourite driver, but I do admire Jenson Button, Lewis Hamilton, James Hinchcliffe and the legendary Ayrton Senna, the rain master who I try and emulate.



Marcello Paniccia

Age: 8

Favorite Driver: Sebastian Vettel


I am, what you would call, an ambitious eight year old boy. At age two, I discovered an interest in race cars, and by the age of three, I was determined to be a professional race car driver. I got my start at the age of six in a Go-kart and won a Cadet Championship at the age of seven. I think I showed great skill and determination that year, performing against older competitors. My dream is to race the Formula 1 circuit.


Domenico Petrucci

Age:  12

Favourite Driver: Lewis Hamilton


I am a friendly and enjoy being around my friends and other people. I enjoy the outdoors. In the summer, I love being at the Go-kart track since I get to see all of my fellow drivers and friends. During the winter I like being outdoors in the snow, especially when I get to go snowmobiling. My Dad introduced me to cars and engines when I was very young, and since then I have been fascinated with them. I was always surrounded by motorized things such as tractors, snowmobiles, and ATV’s. I was curious about Go-karting and asked my parents if I could try it out. So my parents signed me up for the Arrive & Drive Program at Goodwood Kartways. Well as soon as I got into the Kart I was hooked!! It felt awesome. I had a great time and I won my night division, and in the finals I came second. In my second year in the Arrive & Drive program I again won my divisional night, and in the finals I came a close second. This year I’ve moved up to the Junior Briggs series. I will do my very best, but deep inside me, I would like to win my division series. I can’t wait until the season starts!

Riley Strassguertl

Age: 11

Favourite Driver: My mom, because she always manages to get me to the track and rink on time, even when we are running late. (I think she secretly wants to race karts)


I can be shy and quiet, but I love adventure and being a bit of a daredevil.  My first taste of racing karts was when I was 6 years old and I went on a trip with my Dad to Montreal and I LOVED IT!  A very proud moment for me was placing 3rd overall on the Saturday group in the Arrive & Drive program last year.  It was my 3rd year in the program and I can’t believe how much I improved over that time, from being lapped many times during my first few races (my Dad said he could run around the track faster than my driving… LOL) to finally winning and being in the top 3 consistently. My other passion is figure skating, and I train at a competitive level throughout the year. I would like to thank Daniel, Stefanie and the team at Goodwood Kartways for their support and inviting me to join the scholarship team. I look forward to the next level of racing.

Owyn Thomas

Age: 12

Favourite Driver: James Hinchcliffe


I am an outgoing person who loves anything to do with going fast.

I have been dirt bike racing for four years and have a few trophies to show for it. My Dad grew up with Paul Tracy and has always loved racing. He used to race Go-karts and helps me learn about the Kart and how to focus.

Last year was my Rookie year racing at Goodwood and I had a great finish to the season. My goal for this year is to work hard and have another strong finish for the season.

Antonio Trabucco 

Age: 11

Favorite Driver: Jean François Lafontaine

Hi my name is Antonio and I love to go kart. I’ve always liked watching NASCAR and Formula 1 racing, so when my Dad signed me up to race Go-karts at Goodwood Kartways, I was really excited. I’ve only raced for one summer but I’ve learned a lot and want to learn more. I enjoy working on my Go-kart with my Dad and I’m learning how everything works. I want to be a Formula 1 mechanic when I am older and to also keep racing. I also enjoy playing soccer and going hunting with my Dad. I remember when I came first in a race and was so happy and knew that this was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Mason Twigger

Age: 15

Favorite driver: Jeff Gordon


Why I am a driver; I am a go getter, competitive and enjoy being part of a team. I got into go karting after riding motocross and snowmobiles, then my Dad took me driving for the very first time at Formula Kartways and I felt a strong desire to keep driving karts. I like to go fast and love to drift the kart through the turns. My favorite part of driving is when you can feel everything the kart feels and it is like an extension of my own body. In my first season at Goodwood I joined the Arrive & Drive program and placed first for the Thursday night series. I liked the competition and tried another night as well to see different drivers and track styles. My goals for 2015 are to drive the whole club series, try out Provincial level racing and race a number of different tracks.