Goodwood Kartways Introduces Kart Stars Canada; Re-branding Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship

December 19, 2019, All News

For Immediate Release: December 16, 2019

A stable in the history of Canadian Karting, Goodwood Kartways has always played a vital role in high level kart racing in Canada and specifically Ontario. Regarded as the longest standing operational kart track in the country and in existence since 1957, Goodwood has often been referred to as the “heartbeat of karting”.

From the introduction of the Canadian Karting Championships, to the collaboration of Ontario Kart Tracks putting together a Provincial championship, Goodwood Kartways has always been a major part of such series. Specifically from the ECKC days to the current day MRFKC; Goodwood Kartways has been responsible for managing, promoting and executing such events, a role that Goodwood has always accepted the responsibility of carrying and has taken great pride in carrying out at a high level. During that period, and of course with the support and participation of the Canadian karting community, the ECKC/CRFKC/MRFKC has always been a successful model that is highly thought of throughout North America, often recognized as one of the premiere karting championships on the continent.

CTMP’s recent decision of running their karting centre “in-house” puts a shocking end to a very successful five year management role executed by Goodwood Kartways.

“With change come new challenges but also comes new opportunity. The partnership between Goodwood Kartways and CTMP is over but our commitment to the development of the sport remains as strong as ever. We know the sport simply can’t go through the off season without a clear direction. Dates and calendars need to be established so that karters and their families can start preparing for the season ahead. This isn’t new to us, for the last 10 years we have been responsible for setting the calendar here in Ontario and we surely aren’t going to let decisions made by others slow us down, especially not at the expense of our sport. We are re-branding the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship and very excited about what’s to come” explained series manager Daniel Di Leo.

“Kart Stars Canada will replace the MRFKC as the provincial series in Ontario for 2020. With title sponsorship details being finalized we are thrilled that the new prize package will be more attractive than ever and something that all karters will be looking forward to. Details will be announced soon!”

The series will consist of five events going back to a format closer to the successful days of the CRFKC. As has been the norm for the last decade, the series will open with Round One at Goodwood Kartways on the May 17TH weekend. Dates have been locked in for the remaining rounds with venues still being negotiated. If you would like to see your home track on the 2020 schedule you are encouraged to reach out to your track owner and/or club president and have them reach out to us with their request. Venues will be confirmed and finalized no later than February 1, 2020 and ALL requests will be considered. We will continue to offer a full complement of Briggs and Stratton and Rok Cup Canada classes.

Coveted championship rings will be awarded to series Champions and Rok Cup Class Championships will earn tickets to the Rok Superfinal in Lonato, October 2020.

2020 Kart Stars Schedule of Events:

KartStars Round 1 – May 16/17, 2020
KartStars Round 2 – June 20/21, 2020
KartStars Round 3 – July 4/5, 2020
KartStars Round 4 – July 25/26, 2020
Special Event: KartStars Briggs and Stratton Summerfest – July 26, 2020
Special Event: KartStars Canadian Karting Championships – August 14-16, 2020
KartStars Round 5 – September 12, 2020

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