Kid Kart Program

Kid Kart Program at Goodwood Kartways – Sponsored By: Policaro Motorsports

Introduced in 2020, the Kid Kart Program has quickly established itself as one of Goodwood Kartways most desired programs. Designed for rookies and/or beginners, members between the ages of four to seven years old participate in a weekly training program organized and executed by Goodwood Kartways and its high-level coaching staff.

Participants are required to own and operate their own kart (No worries! We can help! Inquire today!) and Membership to the Toronto Racing Association of Karters is required.  The program runs from May to October with weekly two-hour training sessions run every weekend. These sessions take place in a controlled environment led by Senior Staff and with dedicated track time that is exclusive to Kid Kart participants.

The program has experienced major growth since being introduced and has quickly established itself as a direct feeder system for our other programs. Drivers develop their skills from week-to-week through a hands-on approach which includes techniques involving explanation, demonstration and a series of drills leading to implementation. Parents are involved in the process and quickly develop an understanding of the activity. New relationships are formed and seeing the pure enjoyment on the faces of all involved is what this program is all about. Investing the time and effort needed to allow a program like this to flourish has been very rewarding.

At the forefront, this program is a fun-filled activity with skill development the only goal. Kid Kart isn’t about who comes first, it’s about individual skill development from week to week. Whether your driver is cautiously finding their way around the track or flying around weaving in-and-out through traffic, skills are being developed and that remains the focus of this program. As the season progresses, we transition into an ‘Introduction to Racing’ component where participants are educated on the rules, regulations, formats and procedures of competitive karting.

If you have someone in mind, feel free to inquire today!

Contact us: Email: or 905-640-5278.


In this section you will find all the documents REQUIRED to complete your Membership Application. Please note that for your convenience we have provided you with an instruction sheet. Please read the entire document to ensure that all steps are completed.

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