Group Events

Go Beyond Expectations!

Conveniently located just north of Toronto, Goodwood Kartways can help you create an event that your group will never forget! And Goodwood Kartways provides everything you need.

Use our programs to entertain your guests. Plan a high-level event with key management, build employee morale or create motivation in your organization’s stakeholders, entertain an important client in a style unlike any other, or create a memorable event for your family and friends. From dining to adrenaline pumping racing, you’ll not find a better venue anywhere.

We know your guests deserve the best of everything and we can provide it all.

Imagine this…

A custom race package designed to suit your needs. Choose from multiple track configurations and formats to run on our one kilometre of paved racing surface. You’ll have access to thirty high performance racing machines. We provide a comprehensive training tutorial, and you’ll provide the side-by-side racing action. Add in a private function room for corporate and private events and catering to meet your needs. Doesn’t that sound better than the same old predictable function?

While any format is a possibility, our standard package includes 45 minutes of exclusive on-track driving time. Committed to creating the ultimate racing experience, driving time is broken up into three unique sessions (Practice, Qualifying, Feature Race). Your Exclusive Grand Prix kicks off with a mandatory training session. Led by your personal instructor, the “Driver’s Meeting” covers rules of the track, meanings of the racing flags and of course a how-to-guide regarding the use of the karts. Also, included in this package is everything from the approved safety equipment, the high performance racing karts themselves (speeds up to 75km/hr), exclusive rental use of our track and even your very own personalized podium presentation. It’s a fun, competitive environment, with a safety first approach.

At Goodwood Kartways we pride ourselves on close attention to every detail. Our complete event planning services cover it all — everything that can make your event special. Based on a minimum of 10 participants and with the ability to host groups as big as 80 participants, rates start at $175 per person. Depending on group size, events run throughout a 2 hour window from arrival to completion.

We can even provide you with a custom package and can accommodate anything that you may require. Let us help you with custom décor, music or entertainment, theme events—and of course, the perfect food—whatever your taste and style.

Extra’s such as catering, entertainment, guest appearances, extra track sessions, and even custom trophies can be accommodated by special request. Your event is fully customizable to suit your needs. We can even provide custom merchandise and gifts, to be won along with the trophies for your racing guests.

Bring Your Team, Associates, Family or Friends and let us help create an experience that they’ll never forget!

Rules and Regulations:

  • It must be understood that these events are for serious racing enthusiasts only. Speeds start at 70 KPH plus in a High Performance Racing Kart with no roll bars, no seat belts and open wheels. Safety is taken very seriously and members must come with a “Safety First, Racing Second” attitude.
  • Any one interested in organizing a Group Event for a group of people that are not racing enthusiasts should consider our public rental packages.
  • Goodwood Kartways organizes and promotes Group Events for members under the CRKC format. Karting is recognized as the entry level and introduction into Motorsports and our Group Events and CRKC Series provides for a safe, friendly and professional environment to get started.
  • Group Events consist of practices, qualifying and racing sessions with a complete training seminar scheduled for all new members prior to the event. Everything is provided including the high performance racing kart with speeds that start at 70 kph. Members must come prepared with the proper racing attire to compete regardless of the weather “no skin exposed”. An Orientation and Training Seminar is scheduled 1 hour prior to every event for all new members. New members will be issued a Racing Licence/Membership Card once they have completed the Orientation/Training Seminar.

PLEASE NOTE: All participants of Group Events must be CRKC or TRAK members that have at least taken part in the Orientation and Training Seminar prior to being eligible to participate in any Group Event. All members are required to have read and have a good understanding of all CRKC and Track Rules and Regulations. Non-members are not eligible to participate in Group Events or any form of on-track activities. Members organizing a Group Event that have a group that include newly interested racing enthusiasts that are not members of the TRAK or CRKC will be eligible to participate in a Group Event once they have registered as a member of the CRKC or TRAK and have attended the Orientation and Training Seminar prior to any on-track activities. Orientation and Training Seminars are scheduled 1 hour prior to the start of all events at Goodwood Kartways. All new members must attend the mandatory Orientation and Training Seminar or they will not be permitted to participate.