Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge, Race 2 Report

Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge, Race 2 Report

The second event of the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge was contested at Mosport Kartways Sunday and without a doubt the series has put itself on the karting map! While national organizations continue to face challenges, this new inter-club Regional championship is definitely hitting its marks. Based heavily on the Briggs & Stratton four-cycle program that is common among kart clubs in Ontario, the second event saw 172 karters converge on Mosport, with 116 spread across four sessions: 26 in Novice/Junior Light, 26 in Junior Heavy, 37 in Senior and 27 in Masters!

“The Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge is certainly headed in a positive direction and meeting a need we identified in Ontario karting,” said organizer Daniel Di Leo. “Progressing from Arrive-and-Drive into an Ontario kart club is a very manageable move, but having to go from there to the National or International level as a next step can be quite intimidating for some drivers and families. Now, with a small Regional schedule that brings kart clubs together, drivers and families can bridge the gap, and experience another level of competition before beginning to race in other provinces or even other countries. We’re really happy with the support so far, and truly think big things are to come going forward.”

Four single-day events are what the Challenge offers, each with the same entry fee as a normal club race for the host venue. Champion Spark Plugs signed on quickly as a presenting sponsor, along with series’ namesake Ron Fellows, Briggs & Stratton Racing and Vega tires. And the prize package is not centred on just winners and podium finishers, but on nearly everyone in attendance.

“Those were the other big factors we wanted to focus on with the Challenge series,” continued Di Leo. “We want everyone to have a great time at these four events, and while being exposed to that ‘next level’ of karting without breaking the bank, participants also have the opportunity to win great prizes just for coming out to race. Briggs & Stratton supports random draws at each event that see two drivers from each of its classes awarded free entry into the next event, and also one driver awarded a new Briggs & Stratton LO206 engine. Vega tires awards free tires in random draws at each event, and Champion helps keep the cost for competitors down through its sponsorship and provides great swag: hats, shirts, decals… it’s creating a great atmosphere to go racing in. We hope all the club racers come and check it out!”

The Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge continues with event three on Sunday, August 16th, when it returns to Mosport Kartways. Its final event for 2015 is Saturday, September 12th, run as part of the famed Toronto Racing Association of Karters night race under the lights at Goodwood Kartways. Podium finishers and award winners from race two can be seen below. For more information on the Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge, please contact Daniel Di Leo at Goodwood Kartways or via email through the site.

Champion Ron Fellows Karting Challenge – Event 2, Mosport Kartways

Briggs & Stratton Novice

Pole: Brayden Lindoron, 1:09.958

PreFinal: Lily Flintoff

1 – Lily Flintoff, +0.042

2 – Brayden Lindoron

3 – Martie Fletcher

Fast Lap: Brayden Lindoron, 1:10.423

Briggs & Stratton Junior Light

Pole: JR Lindgren, 1:07.318

PreFinal: Gianluca Savaglio

1 – Gianluca Savaglio, +1.720

2 – Mark Davis

3 – Kai Dalziel

Fast Lap: Kai Dalziel, 1:07.416

Briggs & Stratton Junior Heavy

Pole: Tyler McCullough, 1:06.199

PreFinal: Zach Latimer

1 – Tanner Hamilton, +0.086

2 – Khloe Drummond

3 – Tyler McCullough

Fast Lap: Tyler McCullough, 1:05.892

Briggs & Stratton Senior

Pole: Jonathon Treadwell, 1:05.230

PreFinal: Alex Murphy

1 – Marco Signoretti, +0.219

2 – Jonathon Treadwell

3 – Kyle Edgar

Fast Lap: Jonathon Treadwell, 1:05.613

Briggs & Stratton Masters

Pole: Eli Yanko, 1:07.159

PreFinal: Kyle Aulenback

1 – Mike Rogers, +0.101

2 – Kyle Aulenback

3 – Eli Yanko

Fast Lap: Kyle Aulenback, 1:07.575

Rotax Micro-Max

Pole: Dale Curran, 1:03.776

PreFinal: Marcello Paniccia

1 – Dale Curran, +0.127

2 – Marcello Paniccia

3 – Austin Boyle

Fast Lap: Ryland Duesburry, 1:03.942

 Rotax Mini-Max

Pole: Xavier Harris, 1:00.121

PreFinal: Xavier Harris

1 – Stefano Lucente, +5.945

2 – Liam Rhodes

3 – Chad Webster

Fast Lap: Xavier Harris, 1:00.474

 Rotax Junior

Pole: Russell Boyle, 58.736

PreFinal: Ryan Macdermid

1 – Russell Boyle, +0.197

2 – Ryan Macdermid

3 – Joe Soranno

Fast Lap: Nocholas Hornbostel, 59.345

Rotax Senior

Pole: Michael Sputore, 57.658

PreFinal: Kevin Monteith

1 – Marco Signoretti, +0.390

2 – Kevin Monteith

3 – Tyler Kashak

Fast Lap: Kevin Monteith, 58.280

 Rotax Masters

Pole: David Shutiak, 59.827

PreFinal: Alexander Mankovski

1 – Alexander Mankovski, +0.133

2 – David Shutiak

3 – Peter Courteau

Fast Lap: David Shutiak, 1:00.076

 Rotax DD2

Pole: Tyler Kashak. 55.876

PreFinal: Tyler Kashak

1 – Tyler Kashak, +1.537

2 – Enrico Menotti

3 – Dante Lerra

Fast Lap: Enrico Menotti, 56.642

Podium Draw Winners

Briggs & Stratton LO206 Engine: Marco Cossetti

Vega Tires: Mark Davis, Eli Yanko

Free Entry to Race 3:

Novice/Junior Light: Liam Cusack, Alivia Ricard

Junior Heavy: Matthew Barry, Tanner Hamilton

Senior: Zach Boam, Mike De la Plante

Masters: Eli Yanko, Paulo Solaroli

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