Covid-19 Update: 2021 CRKC Arrive and Drive Schedule Delayed

Covid-19 Update: 2021 CRKC Arrive and Drive Schedule Delayed

For immediate release: April 9, 2021

Hello CRKC Racers, Families and Friends;

As we continue to monitor issues surrounding COVID-19, we are faced with a very dynamic and ever-changing situation. As we continue communication with our government and health officials regarding the current crisis, it has become apparent that we will need to postpone and delay the start of our 2021 CRKC Arrive-and-Drive program.

With Ontario’s most recent stay-at-home order implemented on Thursday April 8th, the start of our CRKC Club Racing season has been delayed until further notice. We will monitor the situation closely and will update you as it evolves.

As we adapt like all businesses must, we will continue our planning process to ensure we are ready to offer you all the best programs we can when the time comes and we are permitted to do so.

For members who have not yet completed the registration process by attending an Open House, we have introduced ‘remote’ procedures to allow you to do so as we continue preparing for our start to the season. Email for step-by-step procedures.

We remain committed to rescheduling any affected event dates and will keep you all informed through an updated schedule as soon as possible.

We appreciate your ongoing cooperation and look forward to having you all back at our track in the near future.

For further information or to have your questions and/or concerns addressed, please visit or email

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