Goodwood Kartways Important Open House Update

Goodwood Kartways Important Open House Update

Attention Arrive and Drive racers;

At Goodwood Kartways, our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers, their families and all the people that we come in contact with which includes our employees and our families.

Due to the escalating issues surrounding COVID-19, we are faced with a very dynamic and ever-changing situation, both professionally and in our personal lives. With authorities stressing the importance of social distancing in order to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19), we have made changes effective immediately to the ‘Arrive and Drive Open House’ process.

As all businesses must learn to adapt, we at Goodwood Kartways have implemented a new procedure which allows members to complete the registration process remotely from the comfort of their home. These new procedures will allow us to both be able to continue with the necessary planning for the upcoming season and to minimize the health risks we are all faced with today.

We recently emailed all of our current members step by step instructions to complete this process. If you are not a current member or didn’t receive the Updated Open House Procedures please email requesting the information.

Stay safe,

Goodwood Kartways

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